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Speedway gas station Reviews

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  • Speedway Exton PA

    I went to get gas this morning. I am 58 years old and have been driving for 40 years. Each time there is the option of 87, 89, 93 and sometimes also diesel. I always get 87. The sign on the street said the price is 2.399 but as I started pumping it said 2.699. I thought it was a mistake but it wasn't. So I asked the attendant and he said I pumped "plus". But I neither selected plus nor did I see this. I just moved to Exton and was going to use this station from now on. But in 40 years of driving, this has never happened. I shall never use them again. More...
    Dolphin44's Picture   Dolphin44    0 Comments   Comments
  • Racial profiling @ Speedway Gas Station 5/23/2017

    The speedway at 1321 Park Ave W Mansfield, OH 44906 just racially profiled my son. The manager's name was Stephanie. My son age 16 and my oldest daughter was with me when I stopped at Speedway gas station to use their ATM because it seems like hardly anyone accepts American Express in this city, and I bought an orange juice and sprite using my American Express card. Anyhow, as I was getting money out the ATM, (needed to make a purchase at another store), the manger Stephanie approached my son and stated, "We have you on camera, what you took off the shelf and put in your pocket, I... More...
  • complaint

    having been a customer of Speedway on turnersburg hwy, nc. for at least 20 years the new manager should not be there. Stephanie, the new manager, would not even look up at me, as i went in store too busy reading paper. she told me only prepay, and i explained that i filled up there weekly and always paid when i finished. She was rude and condecending to me. Ashley, Toni and Ryan i will miss you. i realize one person makes no difference but i am telling all my friends about your new "manager.13051-3401202 my number More...
    pjlowe99's Picture   pjlowe99    0 Comments   Comments
  • Water in the Gas

    I bought gas on a Monday night at the speedway a block from my house. Tuesday morning all 6 cylinders started misfiring. I filled the tank that Monday. No other codes were present and all cylinders misfiring is unheard of! I remembered I filled the tank and water in the gas would cause this. I put two cans of dry gas in the tank and the knocking went away a half day later. I asked the Speedway on Taywood and State route 48 to reimburse me for the dry gas, about $20. They refused. I have a Master's Degree in Mechanical Engineer and I know water in the gas when I see it! I usually buy... More...
    englewood1's Picture   englewood1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Manager

    Every time you go into the Dry Ridge Ky Speedway has station by Wendy's there is a line from the register to almost the back of the store. Today same way the manager "Betty" and another employee looking at a computer never looked up to help 20 mins in line just to get gas. I watch numerous customers walk out. Finally when I got to register I asked who the manager was and she said Betty. No sooner I was pumping my has she walks out the door to smoke. Im sorry but if your a manager you lead by example and she is horrible. Every time you go In there she is looking at a computer... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Stephens's Picture   Stephens    0 Comments   Comments
  • Won't honor .10 gallon off when credit card is used.

    Speedway through the month of August to September is offering 10 cents off a gallon of gas when you use your credit card. I use my credit card most of the time. The first couple times I used my card it gave me 10 cents off a gallon and then it quit doing it the third use. I called speedway and talked to so many people and they seemed clueless. I finally talked with someone that told me that it was only for people that just received a credit card. I told them that I was looking right at the sign and read it off to them and it did not say any such thing. They wanted to argue the point and I... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    Badrep's Picture   Badrep    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrible management skills

    about 7 am this morning the manager (tom) refused to sell my 20 year old son a pack of cigarettes. when given his drivers license which appeared to be cut on the edge due to being bent. He tells my son that he can't accept it even tho it is still valid. This man is racist, my 17 year old white neighbor purchased smokes from this manager without ID. Even I was harassed by this manager and I'm 52 years old. My son was able to use his card at the pump either because of this sorry manager you people put at 3210 Plainfield Ave in grand rapids, MI. He only gives black people a hard time... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    badmangement1's Picture   badmangement1    1 Comments   Comments
  • bad customer service

    I was at speedway on the corner of Rochester and Avon today. I stood in along line that practically went to the back of the store. While it looked like the manager a skinny girl in a black shirt stood by the coffee area laughing and joking with two guys just stood there. Then once I finally got to the register to get what I came in for they had to go in the back to get the cigarettes I wanted. So I said screw this place I'm never coming back to another speedway again. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    makalya's Picture   makalya    0 Comments   Comments
  • customer service

    seen a customer at the ky 18 store and merchant ask for change and they made him buy something to get it. He purchased something he didn't want to get the change he needed. We left and filled up our cars at the BP on Mall Road since that location didn't want to help that poor gentleman they don't need our business. I am now asking the BP to issues a thank you to that location for receiving our $100 a week business and now reviewing with our accounting office to change our credit cards for the business to Shell or BP. Will not return until someone issues a Im sorry to that... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    Carols's Picture   Carols    0 Comments   Comments
  • Speedway Gas Station Eastpointe MI

    I went to Speedway at 10 mile in Eastpointe tonight with my 9 year old daughter. There were 3 what I would not consider gentlemen behind the counter. The whole time my daughter and I were checking out they had a conversation about how one of the guys had this girl whom was apparently texting him all night. He continued to state how she wanted to be his girlfriend but he didn't want that as he put it he wanted to "barrow" her for a night. The other worker stated that he should just act like he wanted to be her boyfriend to get what he wanted and be done with it. This... More...
    nkammer7686's Picture   nkammer7686    0 Comments   Comments
  • Rude Employee

    I am a regular customer at Speedway on 12 mile in Warren, Michigan. On Wednesday afternoon at 3:15pm entering Speedway station I bought gas and want to play Lottery. Clare the cashier ask me what is the number? I replied I want to play the number Wednesday evening, Thursday mid-day and Thursday evening.Clare replied," You can't play the mid-day for the next day, I asked why? I played the same numbers here on Tuesday. Amy (manger) assisted Clare with input of the lottery. Thursday I went to Speedway again to play lottery at 3:15pm after work, playing the one number the same... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    LoisP63's Picture   LoisP63    1 Comments   Comments
  • Long lines!!!!!

    My husband and I regularly go to the Speedway on 933 North in South Bend Indiana. He is the one that always goes in. He often complains about there only being one cashier. Today I had to go in. There was only one cashier. The other employee was wipping down the counters and making coffee. I asked her to please open. She said "I can't, my manger told me to do this". I told her there is a long line and she really should open. She refused. I asked her who her manager was. Her name is Tammara. I asked to speak to her. She wasn't in. I told her that she needed to open when... More...
    Sweetsheri55's Picture   Sweetsheri55    0 Comments   Comments
  • Ignorant and Incompetent Employees

    Saturday, May 31, 2014, I went to the speedway gas station on Cline Ave. In East Chicago, Indiana. I sent my boyfriend into the station w $50 cash to fill up my car which was clearly on empty. The employee named Asia tried to steal my money and say that we had already filled the tank. When I went in and told her she was mistaken. She immediately said I was lying and why should she believe me and refused to give me gas. I asked for the manager and she said the manager was sleep and she would not disturb her. I the called the police on her. .This employee was beyond rude and ignorant as... More...
  • Speedway Manager caught sleeping in her truck numerous times by customers

    This is a known fact with Caledonia Michigan customers and and many other Speedway employees/managers. The manager at the Caledonia Speedway has been seen sleeping in her truck during working hours, its a known fact by customers and Speedway employees that she takes too many prescribed pills during work hours, has been caught sleeping in the office numerous times during her working hours, takes a lot of time off including the whole summer for the past 2 years, her district manager Tyler has been told many times about this and is well aware. This has been going on for a few years that... More...
    tlm1109's Picture   tlm1109    0 Comments   Comments
  • unfair to employees

    Young female employee that's working by herself at night robbed at gun point for $104 she was fired because she was robbed isn't her life more important than $104.another employee of 8yrs on salary working 80 Hrs a week all these yrs stayed so her employee wasn't left alone at night. Never had a write up.went to take over a store that was in very poor shape on Kentucky ave 3535 brought the store up had a $1700 bonus coming for doing so was fired for working to many hrs in February her bonus was for December they never paid her the bonus she earned. I was a Faithful customer... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    kathyroberts1's Picture   kathyroberts1    0 Comments   Comments
  • speedway rude employee

    I am a regular daily Customer at speedway on Gratiot in Roseville mi I have been in the store buying items for over ten years.probably 4 times a week you do the math. one lady don't know her name she is 40ish long curly blonde hair wears reading glasses is so rude to me I go out of my way to be polite always saying hello etc. she never smiles at me she smiles at others not me. well the other day just did it I h ad my large 64 oz cup that I Fill with ice daily and decided I needed to hurry to go to work I looked at her showing her I only got ice just to be polite and thank her ,she... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    misshoo62's Picture   misshoo62    1 Comments   Comments
  • We ID! I don't think so!

    The Speedway in LaPorte In. on St. Rd. 2 is selling cigarettes to minors. I went into the store too ask the manager why they would sell my 15 year old daughter cigarettes and the girl told me her name was Kyla and she was the manager, She didn't seem like she cared, and said there was nothing that could be done about it. The sale was already made. I think this is breaking the law and something should be done about this. She needs to be held responsible for not carding a 15 year old girl. I also heard that this store is in trouble for selling alcohol on Christmas. More...
    Ches's Picture   Ches    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bbq gas filling

    I went to the speedway petrol pump, 69, hawkesbury road, Westmead to fill up two 9.5 kg bbq gas bottles. The guy named Saeed ( what he told me ) was shocking. Very rude, disrespectful behaviour towards customers. When I request him to please fill up properly , He said i can only, doesn't matter if filled properly or not. if you want to fill up , fillup - otherwise get lost. I asked for the number of manager, he refused. I shocked with his service. How can someone employed people like that. Anyone no the number of Regional manager of speedway petrol station or owner of speedway ,... More...
    sahilabbi's Picture   sahilabbi    0 Comments   Comments
  • Speedway: discriminates!

    That's interesting... seeing as I just went and followed up on my application I put in months ago only to get the same answer I got then. You'll be contacted. But I have talked to people who work there and have known them since before they worked there, (little does this mgr. know) and they told me he contacts and interviews them... not the agency the mgr. referred me to. The manager himself does the contacting, interviewing and hiring. So why is he lying to me. Aren't they suppose to be an equal opportunity employer? Well it doesn't seem to be too equal of an... More...
    madshopper29's Picture   madshopper29    3 Comments   Comments
  • SPEEDWAY employs rude employee that is with manager

    I have been going to this location Speedway forever. Some of the employees are like family.They have now employed a very rude woman named Kasey and I am now seeing the manager and her parked in lot being very friendly betweeen shifts. I have complained to the manager but if he is having sex with her then he will not fix the problem. He is treating the rest of the employees bad and getting ready to promote this very disrespectful woman (Kasey). Everytime I go in there I hear other customers complain about her too and nothing seems to matter to Speedway. I know for a fact that the general... More...
    (Restaurants, Fast Food, Coffee)
    GeminiIndian's Picture   GeminiIndian    1 Comments   Comments
  • speedway cleanliness

    I've lived in this neighborhood for 26 years and am sad to see it changing-not the the better. It doesn't help when the business have trash lying around their lot and the inside is DIRTY. How can you serve food? How can you pass inspection? I never go to the gas stations in my own neigborhood because they are dirty and I don't feel safe in the. The speedway used to be clean and bright and now its depressing and reminds me that the ghetto is coming my way and you are hastening it even though we are only a few blocks out ofwauwatosa. I drive to other cities every day and get... More...
  • Speedway Bank Card Fraud

    I stopped at Speedway 09393 in Lexington Kentucky on September 10, 2012 and purchased gas. On January 21, 2013 that station put through a charge for $98 on the same credit card. Three days later a Speedway station in Lousiville, Kentucky attempted to process that same $98 charge which the credit card company denied. I wrote to let Speedway know that they had at least one station where one of the employees was engaged in bank card fraud. The email response did not seem to reflect that they considered bank card fraud a serious problem. Will not use a credit card to buy gas from Speedway... More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    RichardL's Picture   RichardL    2 Comments   Comments
  • Great Employee Fired

    I have shopped at store #7612 since I moved to the area in July of 2010. Great service, especially from one individual named Jessica. Very social with customers, quick service and great attitude. She was basically the only reason I had continued coming to the location even though the prices on what I was usually buying were outrageous. I could have gone to another store in the area with better prices but because of the great customer service I opted to continue giving my service to this particular store. The other day, while inquiring within I noticed Jessica wasn't on shift like... More...
    thatespeedway's Picture   thatespeedway    2 Comments   Comments
  • Speedway Gas Station

    I went to the Speedway Gas station on Liberty Ave. in Union, NJ. Asked for $20.00 CASH I had the bill in my hand. The attendant said something (I couldn't understand) and filled my tank $55.00. I only had $20.00! I told the guy to take out the gas! The manager kept telling me to give him a credit card (I don't have any) I think the jerk who filled the tank should pay the difference! I will NEVER EVER go back to that station again! More...
    RUAmerican's Picture   RUAmerican    1 Comments   Comments
  • Pre -pay policy

    I have been buying my gas from Speedway for years until the station in Kent City went to prepay. I pay with cash. I refuse to go in to pay, Pump your gas and then go back in to get your change. You have no consideration for your customers. Why don't come up with a card that you can stick in the the pump that identifies you so you don't have to prepay. It would be something that would gain you bussiness. More...
    10052's Picture   10052    7 Comments   Comments
  • poorly operated station

    The Speedway on the corner of Calumet Ave and 169th st. in Hammond, Indiana is very poorly operated. It is not a very large station and there are always pumps with the "classy" plastic bag covering then to alert us that they are out of order. I understand a pump going down but not that many and that often. Also the pumps are old and there is only about two pumps that the receipt machine actually works for several years now and heaven forbid you have to go inside because you will wait at a line that is about 15 people long and one cashier when there is usually two people there.... More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    thdks2's Picture   thdks2    0 Comments   Comments
  • ripped off.

    Went to speedway gas store #7117, in crestwood IL. Brought 1 payday candy bar to register to purchase, attendant said "You can get 2 for $2.00". Great, I did. Register showed $2.00, I pulled out $3.00, to cover for tax, (approx. $.16) when she then quoted $2.72. I said ".72 cents for tax?", she said yeah, I asked for receipt, and she said, "there is none". WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!!! It's not the .56 cents I lost, it's how many other purchases are being made with the SPEEDWAY TAX HIKE, that consumers are not aware of. More...
    (Shopping, Chain Stores)
    justtired's Picture   justtired    2 Comments   Comments
  • tax calculation

    on 3.21.11, I purchased 4 bottles of diet cola with a special retail price of 2x2.50, or $5 cash. I ended up paying more than $0.46 for sales tax. In Indiana, tax is 7%, but clerk can't offer explanation, just says machine tells him to collect that amount. This is not the way to run a railroad, even if I did have 4 coupons for no cost cola. Please help me understand the calculation here. Store # 5390...transaction # 1381240 at register #3. Thanks. More...
    (Credit Cards, Finance, Banks)
    rj43wesley's Picture   rj43wesley    2 Comments   Comments
  • Complaint

    Tried to turn in some winning lottery tickets at the Speedway on the NW corner of Hall Rd. & Romeo Plank in Macomb, MI and the girl at the counter told me that 2 of my winning tickets were not winners, and only gave me 13.00 out of the other 20.00 worth of winners. When I went back into the store and asked the other cashier to double check, she saw that I should have gotten 20.00 and she took the other 2 lottery tickets out of the garbage and they were worth 8.00. Which she pointed out to the other cashier. I am very disappointed that I can't trust the cashiers you have working... More...
    Plenneman's Picture   Plenneman    1 Comments   Comments
  • Flies in the bathroom & on my hotdog

    On Sept. 01,2010 at 0730 Hrs. I stopped in at the Speedway gas station just off of I71S Stringtowwn Rd. in Columbus,Ohio after a 3 hr. trip to use the restroom,get a cup of coffee, and something to eat. The restroom was filthy with flies everywhere and a horrible stench like a backed up septic system. Then I was going to have a hotdog but when I went to put onions on the dog fruit flies came flying out of the container. But being a former Marine and thinking I can eat anything I still put Catsup and mustard on the dogs but the feast was not to be because as soon as I thought it... More...
    skullmonkey's Picture   skullmonkey    1 Comments   Comments
  • Store # 4487 is like entering a cell block!

    I have been going to the Speedway in Reynoldsburg, OH. since it opened. I fuel up a small fleet of cars and a couple semi's. The store has gotten rid of all the quality employees. Who is the district or regional manager that has let this happen? The store manager has no pesonality to be working with dogs let alone customers. When the first store manager(Ralph, I think) was there the place was pleasant and a great place to visit. My kids would make me stop to get a drink and to talk to the girls who worked there. They wanted to stop all the time, now they are scared to go into... More...
  • bad management

    complaint: I bought 2 tins of skoal today, one was good and the other was a year expiered. I have experienced this in the past. I am tired of this, the manager should take responsability, it seems to me that insted of doing the paperwork to return it they just keep putting the product back on the shelf to sukker someone else. The store is on the corner of center rd and court st. flint MI. More...
    (Delivery Services)
    bbjr's Picture   bbjr    0 Comments   Comments
  • misleading prices

    i am a regular customer at speedway and i stopped in to purchase cigarettes i but the 3 pack special of newports and always paid 17.79 i was informed today 11/30/09 that it went from 6.18 a pk with tax to 6.55 a pack without tax so i changed brands all the rest were cheaper then when i left the store the sign said the old price of 5.70 a pk and so i went back in and was told they wouldnt honor their sign i've slowly been changing where i get my gas now i know i wont be back and speedway can check my rewards to confirm they just lost a customer...... More...
    (Featured Editor)
    M9Walls2's Picture   M9Walls2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Customer Service

    I am a regular customer at speedway gas stations and I experienced some very bad customer Service from the Store Manager. She is a black female and she was very rude, and disrespectful, called me some very hurtful words. That was so wrong, and she also changed my credit card more times than I authorized her to charged and she threw my receipt at me.She also gives away free gas to customers. More...
    (Featured Editor)
    pdoff's Picture   pdoff    15 Comments   Comments


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